14 Best ways how to make money online

Making money online

Finding the right job that you actually enjoy can be a bit daunting can't it? The issues that arise are different for each individual but here are a few common examples: interpersonal conflict, communication problems, gossip, bullying, harassment, discrimination, low motivation and job satisfaction, performance issues, and many more.

While there are lots of ways to earn money online some of these might be a waste of time and help you earn very low income if any. Every business takes time to develop and nothing will happen overnight and without some hard work. After reading this article you should have an idea of what are your options to earn money online.

Now with the current situation going around the world with the COVID-19 virus(coronavirus) a lot of us started searching for a way to earn money online and increase our financial stability. Below are a few suggestions on how you can get started.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is becoming more and more popular over the years. There are quite a few websites that can help you find tasks that people request. You can even create one of your own tasks with the skills that you have. Each task has to be completed successfully and approved by the client to earn money. Sometimes clients might not be completely satisfied and you will have to revise your work, but most clients you will meet will make things worth it. The amount you can earn can be from 5$ to 300$ through these websites. I suggest you check them out and find something you can do. Here is a list of a few top websites for Freelancing: Fiverr, Upwork, FreelancerDesignhill

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Freelancer working in tough corona virus times.

2. Start your own website

There are many ways how you can create your website from programming it from the ground up to simply using the design tools some web platforms have on their site already, to help you create your website faster and without the knowledge of programming. If you don't have any knowledge of web development I suggest you check one of the most popular platforms like BluehostGreenGeeksHostGator, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Jimbo, etc... When you finish your website you can now add some Affiliate links or sign up for Google Adsense, which can help you earn money when the visitor clicks on the ad. Growing your traffic can take some time so don't give up too soon.

Website development can help you earn some big cash.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not as complicated as it might sound. You will need to add an affiliate link to your website or blog. When a visitor clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase you earn a commission from that purchase.  The percentage of commission is different depending on the site, be sure to check them out several of them. ShareASale, Solvid, Amazon Associates, ClickBank.

Affiliate marketing is easy to setup but hard to master.

4. Surveys, searches and reviews products

Several websites on the web offer money for completing surveys, online searches, writing reviews on products, and get paid for doing so. The benefit of jobs like these is that there are special skills required. 


There are numerous websites where you can complete surveys in exchange for money. Some are only available for certain countries or you will have to complete a certain requirement to be able to participate but all in all, it's a fairly simple job which anyone can do without any special skills.
Checking out sites like these will get you in the right direction: SurveyjunkieSwagbucksVindale.

Completing surveys can pay well.

Online searches 

There are some search engines that will pay you for using them. All you have to do is basically use the search and that is it. Simple right? Here are a few recommended search engines that will pay you to search with them. The following sites will provide you opportunities to get paid searching online: QmeeMicrosoftSwagbucks.

Writing reviews on products

Writing reviews on products can be quite fun and all you need is to write an honest review of the product. Good reviews include a detailed, specific, friendly, honest, constructive post that helps the company and other people know what happened. Click here for 8 tips for writing a great customer review.

Review great products like fitness, electronics, applications, etc..

5. Language translating 

Are you good at languages? Why not try translating websites from one language to another. There are a lot of websites that require someone to translate their content or help with their advertising. If translating websites doesn't suit you. You can try several websites that offer other translation projects. GengoSmartlingOnehourtranslation.

Learn how to translate professionally and get paid for it.

6. Online tutoring

Do you have some knowledge of a particular subject and would like to share it? Helping someone learn something can be really rewarding and seeing how they progress over time can be very satisfying. The best part is you get paid for it. Here are a few websites that you can check out to help you get started:

The first step is to sign up on websites like VedantuMy Private TutorBharat TutorsTeacheron as an online tutor by creating a profile. Once you've entered all the required information and chosen the subjects you want to teach you are ready to receive your first students. Some tutoring platforms are more flexible than others try out a few different ones to see which one suits you best.

Online tutoring the future bright minds.

7. Social media

There are quite a few ways you can make money with Social media. If you have a follower base you can promote posts for other people. If you are still at the starting point then you will have to grow your profile first. To do this you simply need to be active and creative with your posts so they stand out.

There is also an option to manage social media accounts and help other companies and brands to boost their following.  This is more of a second stage since you require knowledge and some proof that you will be able to grow their account.

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Grow your social media account and monetize it

8. Web design

There are so many websites that have terrible and/or outdated designs for example schools, companies, bloggers, etc... I suggest approaching them and try to create a great design so you can gain experience while growing your portfolio and by the end of the day they will appreciate it and so will you. If you are just starting out you could create a few templates to test your skills and gain some experience. Still not sure how to start? Try to find some tutorials at first then proceed to challenge your self in creating similar designs to what you can find on the internet. 

Web design can pay very well due to lack of designers.

9. Blogging 

Do you have a hobby or an interest in something and would like to share it with the world. There are quite a few platforms that require no investment and make things easier for you to create a blog and just focus on the content itself instead of coding and designing your website. Here are 5 steps to start your blog; 1. Choose a blog platform 2. Choose a web host for your blog 3. Set up a blog on your own domain. 4. Design your blog.  5. Publish it. Check out some of these blogging platforms: 

Blog about your life and earn money with ads.
Do you like playing games? Why not try creating some videos or stream. There are loads of topics to cover from playing music, live lifestream, gaming, tutorials, etc... You just need a topic you enjoy and like. Create social media accounts(example: Twitter and Instagram) from where you can share your content and grow your following base. There are also quite a few discord channels that can help you out in finding new people to play with, followers, and more...

Create fun videos and post them to YouTube and other streaming services.

11. eBook

Are you interested in writing a book? You have two options for publishing. You can self- publish or find a publisher. Publishing with Kindle Direct takes a few minutes and your book appears on all Kindle stores worldwide after a few hours. Similarly, as with blogging the closer, the subject is to you the easier it will be to write. Also, you don't have to write a 300-page book on your first attempt. Start with something shorter, about 30-50 pages. With each book, you write you will be more efficient and you will get your points across with less effort. The royalty on sales varies so be sure to check it out on their page.

Write a book and post it online to earn money.

12. Selling your products online

Got some products you want to sell online? Creating a web store is very simple nowadays with all the platforms that enable you to create one very easily and in a very short time. 

One of the easiest ways to start an online store is with a method called dropshipping. In this case, you don't need to have any items in stock physically. When a customer places an order the store purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. That means no manual shipping or inventory management. 

If you are creative you can also make products at home or in your workshop and sell across the globe. For ideas on what you can make, check out sites like Etsy, Shopify, Bigcommerce, etc... There you will find out what kinds of products are popular and what are people buying the most.

Selling products online and create your fortune.

13. PTC sites

Most of us spend hours on the web daily, why not get some additional income for doing so. This job is pretty simple all you need to do is click on the advertisements and you will be paid. PTC stands for Paid To Click. PTC website makes money by acting as a middleman between the advertiser and the consumer .advertisers pay PTC sites to display their ads and a percentage of that payment goes to the ad viewer. The pay per click isn't much but if you have time and are ready to invest the time you can make some money. Here is a list of a few sites that I'd recommend: YsenseGet-Paid, Familyclix, Scarlet-Clicks, Neobux.

Pay to click websites don't pay much but it's better then nothing.

14. Data entry

This is one of the easiest jobs you can find online. All you need is a computer, internet connection, fast typing skills. Doesn't sound hard now, does it? Usually, you will be hard-copying information, like sales receipts, addresses, or survey responses, and inputting it into a computer database.  It could also include scanning documents, transcribing audio files, or coding insurance forms. You will just have to, sign up on one of the websites below to get started: AccutranglobalAxiondataMturkCapitaltyping.

Data entry is simple and can make money online.

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